Executive Summary of Nursing Shortage Strategic Plan

Health institutions all over the world are finding themselves in a completely new dispensation. Owing to the advancements made in the field of technology, there is a growing need to ensure that the systems used align in the said institutions with the needs of clients. Even so, some problems continue to persist even as these technological strides continue being made. Indeed, various research studies have shown that the country has had a history of undergoing severe nurse shortages. Indeed, in the 1980s through the 1990s, the main driving force was the fact that nurses were being forced to leave bedside care due to the HIV/AIDS crisis. However, in the current moment, the crisis is with respect to the COVID-19 crisis. Due to the seriousness of this pandemic, there has been a growth in the staffing needs of every health care organization. This has occurred mainly because of an already overwhelmed healthcare system.

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