American History Opposing Viewpoint Project

Many historians are of the opinion that Bacon's rebellion was wrong and not justified. However, many others think that his actions were benevolent. It is sometimes acknowledged that Bacon's attack on the natives is, to a greater extent, correct because the government tended to neglect the citizens. They were teaching natives how to use firearms, and the natives were also stealing the major crops from the citizens. Bacon is majorly hailed for playing a major part in history, especially in 1676, when Bacon's rebellion began. The rebellion started when the Virginians started to rebel against Berkeley, as they accused him of being lenient to the natives despite the fact that they were doing many wrong things against them. Many citizens were killed by natives, while the government did not appear to be doing anything to stop them. The citizens were angry with what was happening and therefore decided to plead with Nathaniel Bacon to help them, eventually leading to Bacon's rebellion.

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