Preparing a treatment plan for treating anxiety

Mental health disorders are common in the adult population. These disorders negatively affect social interactions, daily routines, and a person’s ability to self-care. Mental health symptoms are almost similar for different conditions. Clinicians rely on the DSM-5 criteria to make an accurate diagnosis and create a suitable treatment plan. A person with a generalized anxiety disorder experiences an overwhelming feeling of fear and uncertainty over issues that rarely bother others. A feeling of impending doom, intense fear, and worry over unknown issues that disrupt normal life is also common in this condition.  Clinicians usually diagnose GAD when people express an inability to control fear and worry more than they control these feelings in six months. The other requirement is that the person express three more symptoms of this condition within six months. Anxiety is easier to treat, manage and control if diagnosed early. This discussion highlights a treatment plan for anxiety in an adult client.

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