Genomics and Proteomics: Article Comparison

This paper compares and contrasts two articles: (1) “Ancestry and disease in the age of Genomic medicine” by Charles N. Rotimi and Lynn B. Jorde published in the 2010 New England Journal of Medicine, volume 363: 1551-1558 and (2) “Discovery of pathway biomarkers from coupled proteomics and systems biology methods” by Fan Zhang and Jake Y. Chen published in BMC Genomics, volume 11(Suppl 2):S12 – S22. The genomics article by Rotimi and Jorde is the same with the proteomics article by Zhang and Chen in that both papers utilize non-experimental aspects of research design. Both articles have a review of literature on the subject under discussion. The difference is that Zhang and Chen utilize literature review as a way of validating the experimental part of the study.

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