Ava DuVernay: Racism in ‘13th’ the movie

Ava DuVernay speaks of deeply-rooted racism that gets tolerated in America's history to date. This movie is named after the 13th amendment enacted in 1865, abolishing slavery and granting everyone freedom, except for crime-related individuals. From my fundamental perspective, the movie examines the effects of American citizens' social ostracism based on ancestral origin. DuVernay tells me of the increased jailing for Americans and the tussle by Black-Americans to gain their civil rights by exploring each decade step-by-step. When the amendment surfaced to practice, a loophole arose as well. I realized that the African-Americans were locked-up purposefully, even with the slightest mistake. For the reviewed decades, American leaders imposed policies that identified African-Americans as inferior to their White counterparts.

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