Fragile X-associated Mental Retardation

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The purpose of this paper is to address the followingclinical scenario with the use of your textbook, external credible literature,and/or reliable electronic sources. Use the guide below to draft your paper andreview the rubric to ensure you have met the assignment criteria. The expectedlength of the paper is approximately 4-5 pages, which does not include thecover page and reference page(s).


Lisa Anderson, a 22y.o., Caucasian single parent, is referred for genetic counseling by herpediatric Nurse Practitioner. She has a 3-year-old boy with developmental delayand small joint hyperextensibility. The pediatric Nurse Practitioner hasdiagnosed fragile X-associated mental retardation. She is currently pregnantwith her second child at 14 weeks of gestation. The family history isunremarkable.


Please use the followingheadings/subheadings as a guide to draft your paper:

  1. Introduction (including a brief purpose statement)
  2. Identify the genetic mutation responsible for fragile X-associated mental retardation.
  3. Describe and discuss how it causes the clinical syndrome of developmental delay, joint hyperextensibility, large testes, and facial abnormalities.
  4. Identify which parent is the probable carrier of the genetic mutation?
  5. Explain why this parent and the grandparents are phenotypically unaffected.
  6. Discuss the likelihood that the unborn child will be affected?

VII. Conclusion

In regards to APAformat, please use the following as a guide:

  • Include a cover page and running head (this is not part of the 4-5 page limit)
  • Include transitions in your paper (i.e. headings or subheadings)
  • Use in-text references throughout the paper
  • Use double space, 12 point Times New Roman font
  • Spelling, grammar, and organization are appropriate
  • Include a reference list (this is not part of the 4-5 page limit)
  • Attempt to use primary sources only. That said, you may cite reliable electronic sources (i.e. ANA)


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