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About Vocational Studies

The Bachelor of Vocational Studies curriculum exposes students to economics, business, management, finance, aptitude, mathematics, and entrepreneurship. BVoc courses prepare students for increased career responsibilities, including various specializations. The B.Voc course curriculum incorporates various teaching methods in the field of Vocational Studies with new technologies. Students are also trained in elective subjects of various specializations in addition to lectures and practical learning.

Secondary vocational courses can be classified into three types:

(1) consumer and homemaking education; 
(2) general labor market preparation; and 
(3) specific labor market preparation. Career and technical education (CTE) has traditionally played an important role in U.S. secondary schools.

The first federal law providing funding for vocational education was passed in 1917.

Vocational courses are training-based courses that prepare students for a particular career, skill, or trade. Unlike traditional courses like BE/BTech/MBBS; Vocational courses focus on practical skills and on-site training and thus offer better & quicker job opportunities. There are thousands of Vocational courses in different fields.


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