Charles Darwin Theory of Natural Selection

As early as 6th century BC, the concept of evolution existed. However there was lack of valid explanations to show why species evolved. Charles Darwin contributed greatly in the evolution by proposing the natural selection theory. The theory is based on competition for the limited resources, avoidance of predators, and the ability to attract a reproduction mate. The individual possessing the best traits is able to survive and pass their traits to offspring. Darwin’s scientific discovery remains the foundation of biology as it gives a logical explanation of the life diversity. After completing his theology course from the Cambridge University, he took up a position as unpaid naturalist on a ship to survey the fauna and flora in the islands of Galapagos. He studied the organisms while there and observed that they slightly differed from those of the American mainland. He inferred that the variations were as a result of the different ecological niches they occupied and concluded that they had a common ancestry.

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