Clinical Reasoning and Clinical Decision-Making

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Write a 3-4 page paper on usingclinical reasoning to develop and apply advanced healthhistory and physical assessment skills at the graduate level. Considercontemporary nursing literature on the development of clinical reasoning and decision-making.How does the use of the nursing process enhance critical thinking, clinicalreasoning, and clinical judgment in professional nursing practice at thegraduate level? Please use the submission parameters and rubric below to guideyou when completing this assignment. 

Submission Parameters

For this writtenassignment, please use the following guidelines and criteria. Also, pleaserefer to the rubric for point allocation and assignment expectations. Theexpected length of the paper is 3-4 pages, which does not include the coverpage and reference page(s).

   I.        Introduction of topic in oneparagraph with a purpose statement

   II.        Clinical Reasoning

  • Describe & define how clinical reasoning is used in developing and applying advanced health history and physical assessment skills at the graduate level.
  • Differentiate clinical reasoning, critical thinking, clinical judgment & clinical decision-making.

  III.        Nursing Process

  • Describe how the use of the nursing process enhances critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and clinical judgment in professional nursing practice at the graduate level.

 IV.        Clinical Example

  • Discuss an example from your practice or the literature demonstrating the nurse‚Äôs use of critical thinking, clinical judgment, and clinical reasoning with the well-adult.
  • Also, discuss how nursing care is provided when each of these concepts is evidenced in the care of the patient within one of the following patient populations: older adult, adolescent, or another special population of your choice.

   V.        Conclusion

 VI.        References (consider contemporarynursing research studies or reliable electronic sources)

Please use the followingas a guide to follow APA formatting:

  • Include a title page. 
  • Include transitions in your paper (i.e., headings or subheadings).
  • Use in-text citations throughout the paper.
  • Use double space, 12-point Times New Roman font.
  • Apply appropriate spelling, grammar, and organization.
  • Include a reference list in APA formatting.
  • Attempt to use primary sources only. You may cite reliable electronic sources (i.e., NCSBN, AANP).


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