Can AI do My Assignment? Why You Should not Use AI Tools

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Every student dreads assignments. The first draft may take several hours to create. Not forgetting the amount of research and time that goes into making a quality academic paper. Finding help can cut to the case. I am sure you have toyed with the idea of using AI to generate your assignment. 

But the pivotal question remains: Can AI do my assignment? This blog will explore the pros and cons of using artificial intelligence in academic writing. We will dive into how artificial intelligence works, its advantages and disadvantages, and what we can expect from the future.

Furthermore, we will address ethical concerns related to using AI in education, plagiarism risks associated with AI-generated content, and possible applications of AI in education. Let’s look at artificial intelligence for students.

What is AI and How Does It Work?

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a branch of computer science. Its primary goal is to create intelligent machines to complete tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence. AI's ability to analyze data can automate tasks and solve human-like problems. This technology is being adopted by white-collar workers and blue-collar workers, who are using it to improve production with "No-Code" technology.

Through the machines, there has been a growth in powerful AI language models like GPT-3 and many more. The generated text keeps getting better with each new update. Yet, the content has yet to be able to beat human intelligence.

Machines have changed our lives in many ways. For instance, calculators made it easier to handle numbers. Every new tool seems to take out the hard work and offer a better solution. Consequently, we have to acknowledge that intelligent machines are not going anywhere. 

Advantages of AI-assisted Writing

AI assisted writing offers numerous advantages, such as efficiency and originality. AI-generated content can save a significant amount of time and produce unique and authentic work, which can help students meet their deadlines without compromising the quality of their work. AI tools can also help writers overcome writer's block and generate ideas.

AI is set to make several changes in the education sector. Yet, most stakeholders call for human-centered approach to help with the development. The changes may make the process of teaching and learning easier. Notably, the demand for teachers and learners participation will continue to grow. 

Disadvantages of AI assisted writing

It affects motivation to learn.

AI assignment help can reduce students' motivation to learn and improve their writing skills. Professors and teachers may also view generated essays as poor quality if the writing is extensively edited and revised.

 Diminishes the ability to learn

However, there are concerns that AI-assisted writing may diminish student motivation and harm the learning process. Students might rely too much on technology instead of developing their writing and critical thinking skills.

Affects the development of Writing skills

However, there is concern that AI-assisted writing may undermine the development of writing skills as an art. Finding a balance between utilizing AI technology and nurturing writing skills to encourage creating quality content is vital.

Encourages academic Dishonesty

High schools, colleges, and universities are developing measures against AI-generated assignments. The concern is that learners must showcase competence by delivering original work. Using intelligent machines only makes the student lazy.

New policies demand that people cite their work source as AI-generated. It is a bid to credit the language models like ChatGPT-4 for their work. Public schools are even considering banning access to text generator tools on school devices.

What Can We Expect from the Future?

While intelligent machines are not going away anytime, schools and learning institutions will create new methods to prevent students from using machines to bypass the learning process. There are policies in place that stand against cheating and plagiarism that all students must honor. 

Platforms are developing detection software that catches generated writing. Schools will use the software to ensure that students only deliver honest work. Students caught using artificial intelligence to do their homework and tests may face academic discipline.

The aim of artificial intelligence in learning is to automate the process. The need for teachers will continue to grow as human intelligence is a vital part of growth. If we are not to replace teachers with machines, students also need to develop skills that will ensure they have human intelligence in the future.

Can AI do My assignment?

Yes. One can use large language models like Openai to generate half-decent assignments. However, AI writing is easy to detect and often needs to meet learning expectations. Students can use it for research purposes. It is vital to have human-written homework assignments.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been debated for several years, mainly when writing academic assignments. AI advancements have allowed various AI-powered writing programs to hit the market, like AI Writer,, and ChatGPT-3 and 4, which can create accurate, relevant, and quality content. They can even assist writers by completing thoughts and tackling writer’s block.

While AI writing programs can create half-decent essays and answer common classroom questions, more research is needed to determine their impact on education as a whole. With an AI detector, your teacher can burst you for cheating.

AI cannot do an assignment that requires critical thinking and opinions. Its programming does not allow it to perform such tasks. Most application and opinion questions require human input, which intelligent machines do not possess.

Human-written papers
are unique and insightful. The human mind works wonders. Everything around you was once in the human mind, including intelligent machines. Your teacher can detect generated content by reading a few paragraphs into your assignment. 

Ethical concerns about using Language Models for academic writing

As using artificial language models for writing homework assignments becomes more prevalent, ethical concerns arise regarding the academic integrity of using it in writing. While the draft can save time and effort, the resulting work quality often needs to be improved, leading to lower grades.

Detecting AI chatGPT content can be challenging for teachers, making assessing the student's writing ability difficult. Unfamiliar or abstract topics requiring common sense may also deter AI use in writing.

However, bots can be helpful in generating ideas and offering insights, especially for big data sets and complex topics. But to achieve higher grades, the content requires significant editing and review to ensure proper formatting and appropriate language use.

Overall, the ethical use of AI in academic writing tasks requires careful consideration, transparency, and guidance for students and educators.

Is plagiarism a risk when using AI-generated content?

While AI-generated content can be helpful for writing assignments, it poses a risk of plagiarism. AI tools may produce content lifted from other sources without proper attribution.

Similarly, some plagiarism detection tools must still be fully equipped to detect AI-generated content. Using AI work in school assignments may lead to the development of more sophisticated plagiarism checkers.

Ultimately, policing student work for plagiarism is necessary to maintain academic integrity. However, teachers should exercise caution, as it can drain resources and be time-consuming. It is essential to balance enforcing academic honesty and allowing students to use technology to enhance their learning experience.

Final Thoughts on AI Assignment Help

While it takes little time to create content on tools like ChatGPT 4 and the like, there may be better ideas for homework help. Teachers still need to read and experience human thoughts. Also, human writers can generate sources and support arguments with views and opinions. Working with a tutor can hone skills one can never gain from auto-generated content. 

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