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About Dentistry & Oral Sciences

Dentistry and Oral Sciences: A Subject Worth Smiling About

If you are interested in the health and appearance of teeth, gums and mouth, you might want to consider studying dentistry and oral sciences. This broad field covers topics such as dental anatomy, oral pathology, oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, and more. In this post, we will give you an overview of what dentistry and oral sciences entail, what the requirements are for enrolling for the course and what are the application and career opportunities.

What is dentistry and oral sciences?

Dentistry and oral sciences study the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the oral cavity and its associated structures. Dentists and oral scientists use various tools and techniques to examine, restore and improve the function and appearance of teeth, gums and mouth. They also educate patients on how to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent dental problems.

What are the requirements for enrolling for the course?

To enroll for a bachelor's degree in dentistry and oral sciences, you typically need to have a high school diploma or equivalent with good grades in science subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics. You must also take an entrance exam or interview to demonstrate your aptitude and interest in the field. Some universities may also require you to have some relevant work experience or volunteer work in a dental setting.

To enroll for a master's degree or a doctoral degree in dentistry and oral sciences, you need to have a bachelor's degree in a related field such as dentistry, dental hygiene, dental technology or biomedical sciences. You also need to have a good academic record, a strong research proposal and letters of recommendation. Depending on the program, you may also need to take an entrance exam or interview to assess your knowledge and skills.

What are the application and career opportunities?

Studying dentistry and oral sciences can open up many doors for you regarding application and career opportunities. You can apply your knowledge and skills in various settings such as hospitals, clinics, schools, research institutes, public health agencies, private practices or even your own business. You can also specialize in different areas of dentistry and oral sciences, such as cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, forensic dentistry, oral radiology or oral microbiology.

Some of the career options that you can pursue after graduating from dentistry and oral sciences include:

Dentist: A dentist is a professional who diagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the teeth, gums and mouth. A dentist can perform various procedures such as fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, root canals, extractions, braces and more. A dentist can also prescribe medications, order tests and refer patients to specialists if needed.

Oral Scientist: An oral scientist is a researcher who studies the structure, function and diseases of the oral cavity and its associated structures. An oral scientist can conduct experiments, analyze data, publish papers and present findings at conferences. An oral scientist can also collaborate with other scientists from different disciplines such as medicine, biology, chemistry or engineering.

Dental Hygienist: A dental hygienist is a professional who provides preventive dental care to patients. A dental hygienist can perform tasks such as cleaning teeth, removing plaque and tartar, applying fluoride and sealants, taking x-rays and educating patients on oral hygiene. A dental hygienist can also assist dentists with filling or extractions.

Dental Technician: A dental technician is a professional who makes and repairs dental appliances such as dentures, crowns, bridges or implants. A dental technician can work with various materials such as metals, ceramics or plastics. A dental technician can also use various tools and machines such as molds, lathes, or furnaces.


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