The Effect of Very Light Jets on the Aviation Industry

A steady growth in the aviation industry has been experienced in the last fifty years with the Very Light Jets (VLJs) being among the latest development. The jets are new products that have not yet completely integrated into the aviation market but they no doubt stand to impact the future aviation market. 
What are VLJs? In general, VLJs are small jets weighing a maximum of 10,000 pounds. They have an advanced technical system that allows the pilot to use the automation tools in the cockpit, such as displays that perform many tasks and GPS moving maps and an automated system that monitors, manages and coordinates the engine system and other systems. The new jets can also possess a built-in system for autopilot. VLJs are small in size to accommodate three to six passengers. They can use short runways, can operate in small airports and are normally operated by one pilot not to mention that they are relatively low priced (ranging from less than $1M to about $2M).

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