Brexit and Beyond: Issues that led to Brexit

Brexit, or Britain's decision to leave the European Union, was a complex issue with many contributing factors. Here are some of the main issues that led to Brexit:

Immigration: One of the primary issues driving support for Brexit was concern over immigration. Many Britons felt that the EU's free movement policy allowed too many immigrants to enter the country, which was putting a strain on social services and taking jobs away from native-born Britons.

Sovereignty: Another key issue for Brexit supporters was the idea of national sovereignty. Some Britons felt that the EU was too powerful and was making too many decisions for the UK. Leaving the EU was seen as a way to regain control over the country's laws, borders, and trade policies.

Economic factors: The UK's economy was also a factor in the Brexit decision. Some Britons felt that the EU's regulations and policies were hurting the UK's economy, while others believed that leaving the EU would free the UK to pursue new trade opportunities outside of the EU

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