Tips to Understanding Aleks Pie Chart

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Aleks Pie chart is used to understand the relationship between different categories of data. It is a type of bar chart which uses the pie-like shape to convey information. The Pie chart can be a useful tool for summarizing data by breaking it down into categories. It is often used to show how different groups of items are related.
An example of a problem on Aleks Pie Chart
For example, if you were studying Physics and wanted to know the percentage of students who scored high in each subject matter area, you could create a pie chart like this:
In this example, we have three pie charts - one for Math (green), one for science (magenta) and one for English (yellow). The percentages tell us how many students scored high in each area. Notice that the Math slice of the pie chart is the largest, followed by science and finally English. This tells us that Math is the most important subject matter area for students, followed by Science and finally English.
The Pie chart is also used to compare different groups of data. For example, if you wanted to compare sales figures from two different periods of time, you could use the pie chart.
The course of the student is evaluated in the second step. Colors and shapes indicate the area of the course that a particular student has mastered on his or her pie chart, which resembles a pie-chart with dark areas corresponding to what the learner knows now, while light area corresponds to something he or she needs (to be learned) later.
The pie chart is of the pie slice itself. The darker portion of each pie slice represents topics that you have mastered, while the lighter portion in each slice represents what you still need to learn.

The decimals pie chart helps the students to reduce their anxiety. The question becomes "What am I good at? And what do I need help with?" For example, if you have mastered that and are not very confident about fractions or proportions then focus on that area where you know that your skills might be lacking. 
What happens when you finish ALEKS pie?
The pie chart of course improvement of the student is the area of particular interest. Student will be able to see the area in which he or she has excelled, and which needs further development as well as areas where there is room for improvement. Course students can also identify their weakest area, on the basis of color-keyed pie charts that are generated at each course review session.
What does the ALEKS pie mean?
The Aleks pie chart helps the users to organize their topics better by providing a precise recommendations on which topic they should work. How to create the chart?
Simply go to the "Settings" tab and then click on the "Pie Charts" button. You can then select the type of pie chart you wish to generate and how many slices are shown in each category.
What happens if you don't finish the pie?
At the end of the course, students are given a color-keyed pie chart. In the "pie," each "slice" corresponds to a particular area of the course, such as "geometry" or "functions and graphs". The degree to which each slice is filled by darker color shows the extent to which the student has mastered that area.
What happens when you finish Pie chart?

When you finish the course, it will show your relative strength in various areas.

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