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Ihuman Harvey Hoya is a case study of a 57-year-old male construction worker who presents to a clinic with high blood pressure. Hoya also reports shortness of breath and chest pain with exertion. Harvey has a family history of heart disease; his father died of a myocardial infarction at 55. Harvey is a nonsmoker, but he drinks alcohol occasionally. He is married and has two adult children. Here's more about Harvey Hoya's iHuman simulation. 

Harvey Hoya Health Fair Earlier Diagnoses

During a health fair earlier, Harvey Hoya checked his blood pressure after his wife convinced him. His wife had concerns over recent weight gain. His blood pressure was high, and the doctor recommended medication.

They also advised him to make lifestyle changes, including eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Harvey complied with his medication and made lifestyle changes, but his blood pressure remained high. After several months, Harvey's physician referred him to a cardiologist for further evaluation.

An echocardiogram showed Harvey had mild left ventricle systolic dysfunction, with an ejection fraction of 50%. A cardiac stress test was negative for ischemia. The doctor started Harvey on a beta blocker and an ACE inhibitor. They also advised him to continue lifestyle changes and take aspirin daily.

Blood Pressure Assessment Questions for Harvey Hoya Human

Here are ihuman case sample questions to get you started.
1. How are you feeling today?
2. Was your blood pressure checked recently?
3. What medication did the doctor recommend for your illness?
4. What was the diagnosis?
5. When did you last see a doctor?
6. Did your symptoms improve after medication?
7. What was the finding on the echocardiogram?
8. What was the result of the cardiac stress test?
9. What medications was Harvey started on?
10. What lifestyle changes were recommended?

Harvey Hoya could make poor eating choices. He may have fast food multiple times a week. The patient describes that he drinks occasionally. Though Hoya is living a sedentary lifestyle, his family has a background of heart failure. Recent weight gain also suggests slowing metabolism due to age. 
Harvey Hoya may also indulge in salty treats  when buying his fast food. 
At the clinic, Hoya gets reliable dietary advice to improve his health. Yet, it does not prevent his health issues from worsening. The doctor notes that the patient may have a cardiovascular issue. 
The Hoya Human case simulates a sample problem you may experience at the clinic. As the patient raises concerns, the nurse must ask relevant questions confirming the correct diagnosis. 

 Harvey Hoya's Answers

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Harvey Hoya Ihuman Ace Answers

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