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Writing your ACT essay requires high-level thinking and skill. Your future rides on one piece of paper, which can sometimes exert a lot of pressure on anyone. It would help to have the right strategies to ace your ACT essay on the first trial. 
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What is an ACT Essay?
 An ACT essay is a type of essay that usually accompanies the application for higher education. It helps indicate your knowledge level and analytical reasoning skills against other applicants based on specific criteria, such as relevant academic background or context-specific experiences.

The ACT essay is a standard writing test for admission to universities and colleges. It has become popular among students worldwide due to its straightforward nature. ACT essays can cover several topics, depending on your course subject. Also, it depends on the content you have chosen for your study. Here at, we offer excellent ACT guides and ACT essays sample so that you don't face any issues while writing.

Here are some important cues that can guide your act essay writing.
Steps to writing a perfect ACT Essay
Use the following guide to ace your ACT intelligent machine essay.

  • Start by narrowing your focus.

When you start writing your ACT essay, you must focus on the specific points you want to make. You can thoroughly defend two or three vital points in your essay. Only write a comprehensive essay in which you cover some possible topics. Instead, narrow your focus and concentrate on discussing one particular aspect of AI or its impact on our lives.

  • Stay organized

Once you have narrowed your focus, it is time to organize the information into coherent paragraphs and sentences. Make sure each sentence flows logically from the one before it – no wandering off onto tangents! Also, be sure to use precise and accurate language when discussing AI. Use terms like "machine learning" and "artificial intelligence" rather than simply calling them "computers." Use every paragraph to make your point and express your stance.

  • Detail your arguments

Once you have organized the information into coherent paragraphs, it is time to provide substantial evidence supporting your points. Try to develop a strong thesis statement that will guide your essay throughout its entirety. As you write, be sure to cite sources that can help bolster your argument – this will demonstrate the credibility and accuracy of your writing. Let each paragraph hold a different idea that supports

  • Have a strong finish

Finally, wrap up your essay with a firm conclusion paragraph that ties all the information together. Summarize your main points and provide an evaluation of the impact of AI on our lives. And don't forget to give credit where it is due – citing sources will help you build credibility as a writer.
Example of an ACT machine Intelligence Essay
Undoubtedly, AI will change our lives, from work to personal relationships. But as we become more aware of how these technologies work, we're starting to question their societal implications. We must be proactive in educating ourselves about AI and its potential consequences to benefit from its many benefits instead of suffering from its many dangers. As we explore AI's potential, we'll see more amazing things happening in our world - something we never thought possible.

Generating a Thesis statement

For the thesis statement you can look at many examples of thesis statements, such as this one:
A single sentence that announces your stance over a matter and summarizes it is a thesis statement. Look at how the example above does this very well. The first sentence concerns what would happen if machines replaced humans in various tasks, so it's an excellent topic to write about. Still, it goes on further by giving some examples of these situations (which makes them attractive). Then comes the second section, in which you must write a thesis statement on this topic. Refrain from throwing everything together and start writing; you will find that the essay is written much better when you have planned your approach before starting to write.

ACT Intelligent Machines Essay 
Every student must keep up with the world around us. To do this, you need access to various sources of information. This task can be made much easier if you have an intelligent machine. Intelligent machines are technologies that allow us to interact with computers in ways that were never possible. They can help us find our way around unfamiliar spaces and learn new things more quickly. As we increasingly rely on them, we need to understand their implications for our lives.
As automation progresses, so too does our dependence on intelligent machines. Notably, technology has the power to change and improve our lives in ways we never thought possible. In our post, we will discuss the various aspects of AI and its impact on our daily lives. You can better understand this powerful technology by explaining what AI is to explore how it will impact businesses and personal lives.
What is AI?
AI technology is already causing significant shifts in our daily lives. It is a technology that allows computers to perform human-like tasks. It includes tasks like recognizing and responding to human speech and complex tasks like banking or retailing. AI technologies are used in various applications, from banking to retail and healthcare. In the future, more companies will adopt this technology and increase the impact on our lives. So, what is AI, and what are its implications for us? Let's take a closer look!
Impact of AI on businesses
As businesses continue to adopt AI, the impact on our lives will be profound. AI has the potential to significantly impact our lives in several ways, from improving our productivity at work to automating tedious tasks. In the future, AI will likely play an even more significant role in marketing and sales efforts. Most businesses are already using AI to automate services, cutting back on losses in areas like finance. 
Impact of AI on personal lives
AI has the potential to impact our lives in a variety of ways. From automating tedious tasks to improving our learning abilities, it has the potential to make our lives easier and more efficient. AI's impacting significant industries include healthcare, automotive, retail, and finance. 
How does AI impact our lives?
AI has the potential to impact our lives in a variety of ways, from making our healthcare more efficient to drive more efficient business practices. As AI becomes more advanced, it will continue to impact our lives in significant ways. Recently. OpenAi has launched ChatGPT, which can write a research paper. 
While traditionally, we could spend so many hours on some tasks, AI makes it easy to complete them on time. 
As AI technology continues to evolve and impact our lives in more and more ways, it's essential to be aware of its risks and benefits. There is tons of anxiety about whether people will lose their jobs over machine intelligence, which seems to provide more value with each enhancement. No doubt, AI has a place in our future. We sure hope it will all work out and create more opportunities for humans to perform exemplary tasks as needed.
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