9 Powerful Moodle exam Proctoring Tools

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 Moodle exams plugin allows teachers to build multiple-choice quizzes. The platform allows many learners to take the quiz at the same time. It also allows them a chance to retry the tests. 
Moodle exams can be time-consuming, requiring many students to proctor their exams. If you are responsible for proctoring Moodle exams, here is some advice on how to do it correctly.

Establish an Exam Proctoring Team
If you are not able or unwilling to proctor your own Moodle exams, it is essential to establish a team of people who will be responsible for doing so. This team should have experience in grading and exam administration and should meet to plan and manage the proctored exams.
Set Up a scheduling system
Once you have created your team, setting up a scheduling system for proctoring exams is essential. This should include assigning specific days and times for each exam and establishing penalties if any team member fails to meet their set deadline.
Use Moodle's built-in tools.
Moodle offers several features that facilitate proctoring exams. For example, Moodle allows users to create time limits on sections of an assignment and provides a list of all currently logged-in users.
Keep track of progress.
It would help if you tracked progress during proctoring exams and immediately report any irregularities to your team. This will help ensure that the process proceeds smoothly and without delay.

Communicate with students

It is essential to communicate with students about the proctoring process and provide them with information about their roles. For example, let them know when their exam will be released and any special instructions they may need to follow.
To help students understand why their exam has been proctored, it is essential to communicate with them as soon as possible. Moodle notifications or email messages can do the job.

What is Proctoring?
Proctoring is the process of overseeing an exam process to ensure that it runs properly. It can be a challenging task, but with the help of a conscientious team, proctoring exams can run smoothly and without incident.
Why Use Proctoring?
There are many benefits to using proctoring in your academic endeavors. First, it helps ensure that the exam meets all the appropriate guidelines. In addition, proctoring can help keep students on track - by monitoring their performance and issuing warnings or penalties if necessary, and it can motivate them to work harder. Finally, proctoring can also provide a valuable service for teachers - by ensuring that exams are taken relatively, and without error, you may improve student retention rates overall.
Best Proctoring Tools
There are several proctoring tools available online. Some of the most popular include ExamSee and MyExam Proctor. Choosing the right tool for your specific needs is essential, so you must evaluate each one before making a decision.
Examples of top Moodle Proctoring tools include.
  • Mettl Remote Proctoring
  • SMOWL. Smowltech
  • Talview. Talview
  • ProctorFree. ProctorFree
  • PSI Bridge. PSI Services
  • Exams. Examus 
  • Examity. Examity
  • SmarterProctoring
  • SmarterServices

ExamSee is a proctoring tool explicitly designed for exams. It allows you to create checkpoints, monitor student progress, and assign grades automatically. MyExam Proctor provides similar features but also includes powerful reporting capabilities to keep track of your exam's aspects.
 Talview is an elegant and efficient proctoring tool that offers customizable features, extensive reporting capabilities, and 24/7 support. 
ProctorFree is a simple but powerful proctoring tool designed for students with limited technical knowledge or no experience in programming. 
PSI Bridge allows you to manage exams remotely from your computer or mobile device. 
Finally, SmarterProctoring helps you monitor student progress, assign grades automatically, and smartly create reports using advanced algorithms.

How Do I Set Up Proctoring?

Setting up proctoring can vary depending on the school environment and system requirements. However, you will need to create accounts for yourself and your team members and set up password protection for both accounts. Once you have installed and configured the proctoring software, you must ensure that your students are registered for the exams. You can do this by using the tools provided by the proctoring software or by contacting your institution's registrar's office.

Once your students are registered, you must set up a system for issuing warnings and penalties. This system should include guidelines for how warning points will be awarded and specific instructions on how to deal with severe violations. Finally, it is essential to keep track of all test-taking activities so that you can make accurate assessments of student progress.
What Are Some Advantages of using Proctoring Software?
Using proctoring software is advantageous when administering exams.
  • Proctoring software allows you to create checkpoints that can be used to detect cheating.
  • The notification system provided by most proctoring software is mighty - it can notify students, teachers, and proctors about test-taking activities in real-time. This eliminates the need for post-exam analysis, which can be extremely time-consuming and tedious.
  • Provides a secure platform for managing exams and team member data, which can help to ensure that the exam process is run smoothly and efficiently.

If you follow this guide, Moodle exam proctoring will be easy and fast-forward. Use the suggested tools and make the best use of them. Assessments will be bliss, and you can rest assured your students are doing the exams as they would in a live location. 

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