3 Sureproof Ways to Overcome Procrastination

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can I pay someone to do my statistics homework, Procrastination is ignoring an important task that one should be doing. It leads to lower productivity and can significantly impact one’s potential.

Overcoming Procrastination:
It is five hours to the deadline of a task that was assigned four days ago, and you are now working furiously to complete it, not sure if you will deliver it on time. You had every intention to get it done on time, so how did this happen? If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Procrastination is a problem that many people grapple with. In this article, we discuss why it happens and how we can overcome it.
What is Procrastination?
Procrastination is the process of ignoring an important task that one should be doing for something that is easier and more enjoyable. It leads to lower productivity and can significantly impact one’s potential. Failure to overcome a procrastination habit may cause an individual to continually miss out on opportunities, which ultimately deteriorates their quality of life. It is therefore important to overcome this habit as soon as possible. 
Below are some steps one can take to overcome their procrastination habit:
1. Be More Attentive and Aware
We live in the age of so many distractions, that it is quite possible to procrastinate unknowingly. If you find yourself filling your day with low priority activities yet you have important work to do, it is a sign that you’re procrastinating. 
2. Find out WHY and WHEN you are procrastinating
Knowing why you are putting off an activity is just as important as acknowledging that you are procrastinating. Do you find it unpleasant? That gives you more reason to get it out of the way faster. Is it overwhelming? The key to completing a huge task is to do it bit by bit, until it is over. Are you waiting until you are completely ready? You might never feel ready, so avoid over-planning and begin.
3. Implement tools to overcome the habit
This can be achieved in four simple ways: 
·                     Commit to beginning and completing the task:
Make a list of what you need to do, allocating time to each activity, and tick it off one by one. This will boost your morale. 
·                     Minimize your distractions:
Switch off the TV, and turn off your phone or keep it away until you complete the task. 
·                     Reward yourself:
Once you accomplish your goal, reward yourself with something you like. This will help you notice how good it feels to overcome the bad habit. 
·                     Just Do It
At the end of it all, it all boils down to simply beginning and not stopping until you are done! So… just do it! 
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